Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Catch A Mockingjay Letterboxing Event

Thank you Crazy Mountain Woman and Music Chick for hosting today's Hunger Games - To Catch a Mockingjay Letterboxing event. Kelly and I had such a wonderful time making new Letterboxing friends, catching up with locals and finding an unreal amount of Letterboxes.

Kelly played tribute today and attempted her hand at archery and the odds were definitely in her favor as she was one of the raffle winners too.   There were over 70 images to stamp and we originally thought we would only be able to find a small amount of them but with multiple stamps in boxes and no logbooks to slow us down we powered through all of them including H.I.P.S and even some that were brought from out of state.  Our wonderful hosts had many creative touches for the event and put so much time and care into the preparations for everyone who attended.  Add in perfect October weather and the event was a huge success.

Kelly whipped up adorable fish sushi from District 4 and I baked Coal Cookies from District 12 for the potluck.  It's fun to see themed food when attending events.

Thank you again to our hosts and everyone who attended! 

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  1. It's so fun to put a face with a name. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before, and the blond woman too. Can't think where or when but you both look familiar to me. Letterboxing blogs what a great idea!


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