Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blending Basics - Copic Class - Day 1

I am admittedly a hands on learner.  I have never been much of a class taker as I always  want to color outside the lines vs. following exact directions.  One of the disadvantages of me jumping in without proper learning techniques is that I do not embrace the full potential of my tools or mastering the personal skills needed to reach the end goal I am hoping for.  My Copic markers are a perfect example of leaping before learning.

I started my love of Copic markers through a locally owned craft store that went out of business over a year ago.  Although they explained the basics and advantages of the markers I never made the time to discover the full potential of the marker investment I had started.  I say investment because Copic markers are typically priced from $6.00 - 7.99 each.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One of the huge advantages is that you can refill them and replace the tips as needed.  Previously I would purchase markers, they would dry up and end up in the trash.  I would rather pay a little more and have a renewable supply than pay less and have them end up in the garbage. 

On one of the Atlas Quest Message Boards I follow Sharkboy and Lavagirl provided information to a site with on-line classes ( One of the classes offered is a Copic Markers for Card Making class.  Since it was Black Friday I signed up for the 13-Day class with a $5 savings (I paid only $30 instead of $35).  Since I am not participating in a live class I can participate independently at my own pace.

I printed all of my practice sheets, the Hand Color Chart and class materials on white card stock so I can put a reference binder together for myself.  Since the videos and class materials are Copyright protected I am limited with what I can post.  The top image is of my color chart.  I have colored in the Copic Markers I have and also listed an "R" in the box if I have a refill for that particular color that I own.  The second image is of the blending I have practiced today from lesson 1.  I am definitely in need of blending practice.  The idea was not to stay in the lines but to work on my ability to blend.  I will continue to practice my blending and shading on the practice sheet.  I learned quickly about color groupings, signs of markers drying out and some blending attempts are more successful than others.  They covered 2 and 3 marker blending techniques.   

So far I found the video's easy to follow and understand.  I can stop and start the video's as I practice what I am learning and the four separate videos featured 4 completely different teachers.  Since everyone has their own tips and tricks it was great to view and practice different techniques to see what works best for me.  I am looking forward to my next lesson (Blending Tricks) and will share my thoughts and attempts once I have completed the class.


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