Sunday, December 28, 2014

CMW Poem Series - Letterbox Trading Cards

Rydes With Eagles (Joyce) has given me permission to share a few of her Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC's).  In particular her CMW Poem Series.  Joyce not only creates unique and imaginative LTC's (some very detailed and intricate) but she also combines photography and poetry into her art.  I feel that the combination of the three is very enriching in a multitude of ways.  In some instances the poetry may be my favorite component.  With some it could be the LTC that really captures my attention or it could even be a combination of all three.  Joyce generously provided me with a CD of her poems recently and I am fortunate enough to have many of her LTC's too.  What a gift indeed!  

In Fireweed Feathers (above) the photo in the background of the poem was taken in Yellowstone National Park October 6, 2005.  Fireweed going to seed at Undine Falls Overlook.

In My Mountain (above) the photo in the background of the poem is a sunset on the Grand Tetons as viewed from Pinochle Road near Felt, Idaho.  The photo was taken June 23, 2001.


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