Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blending Tricks - Copic Class - Day 2

I am currently taking a Copic Markers for Card Makers Class via Online Card Classes. (  I had time to take my second of 13 classes today and really enjoyed the three video's covered Blending Tricks.  Honestly this class in itself was well worth the total cost of the whole 13 classes.  It really helped me to understand stretching my Copic Markers abilities specifically colors that are not close to one and other on the color wheel.  It covered three separate techniques for blending that I have never heard of or attempted before.  As I mentioned on Day One the video's and handouts are Copyright protected so I am limited on what I can post but above is my practice sheet which gives you an idea of what I was learning and practicing.  Again the self pace is great as I stopped the video's quite a few times to try my hand at what they were teaching and then re-started or watched again to keep refining the techniques.  Each time I complete a day I add it to my reference binder along with my practice sheets for future reference.  Again the practice sheets are not to test my ability to stay in the lines but to learn how to blend. 

I did uncover some great resources that are through the Copic Marker site that can be downloaded or printed for reference or use.   As these are not part of the class they are okay for me to share.

Filled Color Chart:

Blank Color Chart:

Copic Color Wheel:

Market Refill Instructions:

Happy Blending!

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