Sunday, December 7, 2014

Signature Stamp for Spicegirl

Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) has been teaching her mother Spicegirl (Ginger) about Letterboxing this past fall.  Since Kelly does not carve Ginger sent me a quick text asking if I could carve her a signature stamp.  I was more than happy to help but an image has alluded me completely since October.  Ginger is a fun and spunky gal and I know her trail name is a play on words since her first name is a spice.  But each time I looked up Spice Girl all I got were images of the Spice Girls (specifically Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls).  When I looked up images of ginger all I found were images of the root and ground spice.  Not very promising.  I finally decided to look for an image that was a bit more Betty Boop'ish.  I like her friskiness and she is always flirty and fun.  I found the image above and liked it because the waves in her hair were thicker than most Betty Boop images.  I did need to trim it down to mostly a head shot as her dress was long and the image would have been too large for most log books.  This one is still a bit large but for a first signature stamp I think it will work.  We have plenty of time to carve more and to keep looking for something a bit more in line with her trail name.  I am probably not the best person to carve stamps that match trail names as mine has nothing to do with my trail name (but more to do with me personally as a Halloween addict).  I think it just need to be an image you like.  I also whipped together a snazzy logbook for her.  I was tempted to make some LTC's but I think I will leave that in Kelly and Ginger's hands.

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