Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free Range Knitting - Still No Enchantments

"Well this is peculiar."  Those were the exact words out of Cindy's mouth at Knit Wits Yarn Shop yesterday.  The good news was that I has made quite a bit of progress on my very first project - a cowl.  And I have also started to find my own errors as I am knitting (knowing when something does not look right).  What was so perplexing was that my cowl looked nothing like the picture of the finished cowl in the magazine.

Cindy asked me to knit and purl a row for her so she could watch exactly what I was doing.  She seemed mystified as she said my stitches were looking good and I was following my row just as printed on the graph.  But then I said "Now I move my sticky note up to the next line."  Mystery solved.  During one of my classes we were learning to read a chart and the sample I made was very small.  I moved from line to line through the chart and then back down and through it several times more.  I assumed since that was how the chart was worked during class that all charts were knitted that way.  Guess what...I was wrong.

What I should have done was line one over and over through my six sections (of eighteen stitches each) and then moved on to line two.  Instead I have worked through the chart over and over switching which line I am on in each section.  In other words I have made my own pattern out of the graph.  Not really enchanting but at least it somehow created it's own pattern completely by accident.  Since I have so much time and energy into it already I have decided to just keep working on it until it is completed.  Then I will purchase a new ball of yarn and start the project all over again to see if I can get it to look like the picture.

Hi my name is Kelly Dally and I am a Free Range Knitter.  Stay tuned to see what I create next.  Maybe it will be backwards, upside down or inside out.  Nevertheless it will certainly be entertaining.   And if anyone tells you knitting is easy they are stretching the truth!

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