Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nicole Finds Her First Letterbox in Manitou Springs

While in Manitou Springs we stopped for lunch at the Stagecoach Inn.  This must be a pretty popular eatery as it was bustling.  With us being in town during the off season we noticed a lot of the smaller restaurants were closed for the season.  We also spotted lots of deer in peoples yards while driving around.  

Stagecoach Inn:

We had promised Nicole my eight year old niece that we would take her Letterboxing so she could work the clues and find her first Letterbox.  Nicole is a very academic young lady and a cracker jack reader so this was a good opportunity for her to read the clues out-loud to us and then work them a bit. The Gilbert Reunion 2014 - Drive By box seemed like the perfect first find with easy to understand and follow clues without lots of difficult terrain.  Nicole made quick work of the clues and was so excited when she found the Letterbox.  I showed her the stamping-in protocol (inky fingers and all) and taught her how to re-hide the box properly (better than you found it).  As soon as we were headed back to the car Nicole said "Okay, let's go find the next box!"  She is a born Letterboxer!

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