Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Geico Features Geocaching Adventure in Print

To ensure that Geocaching takes over the known universe and that all of our beautiful and ornate letterboxes are eventually destroyed by careless Geocachers Geico has featured Geocaching in their Spring/Summer 2010 magazine. Okay, maybe I am a being a little over dramatic here but I will confess that I feel a twinge of jealousy every time I see Geocaching mentioned in the media and never even the slightest nod to Letterboxing. Sorry but I still don't see the beauty in an rusted Altoid can with wet scrap paper, a quarter, a jack and paper clip inside. Sometimes I feel that it is a blessing that Letterboxing is not publicized as frequently as Geocaching (less newbies causing havoc) but on the flip side we need new boxers who love and appreciate the art contained inside our little plastic treasures. I love when new boxers solve difficult clues and are eager to be a first finder or squeal in delight when they stumble upon their very first hitchhiker and do not know what it is. I know many boxers who do both (Letterboxing and Geocaching) but still I am a Letterbox purist. I love the artistry and the old world feel. Stay vigilant watching your hidden treasures as I am sure this article will spur a whole new crop of inexperienced Geocachers. Sigh!


  1. I do both and love both hobbies. But I can see why letterboxing isn't as popular --- to do it right, it's a lot of work, especially if you want to hide a letterbox. First there's the stamp, many people don't feel they are artistic enough to create a handcarved stamp. But there's always the alternative...a commercial stamp. Then there's writing the clues -- how do you tell someone where the box is when it's hidden in a forest full of identical trees? With caching you press the mark button on your GPS unit and your done. Also, I think generally geocaching tends to attract the techie guy and letterboxing seems to attract the arts & craft woman.

  2. I do both as well, however I enjoy letterboxing more. We search as a family and the kids enjoy geocaching more because of the trinkets. Letterboxing doesn't thrill my kids although I am hoping to help them carve stamps this summer.

    I get frustrated with geocaching because of the pointless micros hidden in parking lots. For so many people it is all about racking up the numbers and not the journey to get there.

    Letterboxing definitely appeals to my artistic side. Recently, I have started making LTC of all my finds, instead of keeping a log book. It gives me something to do during the week while I am waiting for our next outing!


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