Friday, July 1, 2011

All Doilied Up on Tonights LTC's

You can easily transform traditional doilies with a dip in dye. The color makes the lacy patterns look fresh and modern. To get the best and most vibrant results use doilies that are uncoated. I used coated doilies for these LTC's because I wanted a subtler hue. Since I had an entire package to use I played with a few colors but I really liked the periwinkle the best.

To dye your doilies you fill a wide shallow bowl with water and add several drops of food coloring. Wearing rubber gloves quickly dip 1 doily at a time into the dye bath. You must be careful as they will not hold up in the water if left too long. Remove the doily carefully from the water. Lay flat on paper towels to dry and blot with paper towels to speed up the drying and reduce splotching. If doilies are wrinkled you can press them with an iron on low heat.

My Romeo Loves Juliet stamp is very bright and bold when colored with Copic Markers but I wanted their love on the LTC to have a hidden and secret feel. The doily reminded me of lace curtains and the vellum I laid over the top mimics glass. You get the simple impression that you are just capturing a glimpse of two lovers in a private moment. Because they don't want to get caught. Instead of standing out they are tyring to blend in. For the cards I removed the center of the doilies and trimmed them to fit. I didn't want to waste the centers so I saved them and adhered them to the back of the cards with the card information written by hand. I would describe these cards as simple, soft and subtle.


  1. *like*

    I love the carve, my friend, and the LTC design is so cool - thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. I am still going through a cute faze but wanted to play around with the ATC design a little.


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