Sunday, April 19, 2015

Holy Hello Kitty...Batman!

Sweet Shoppe Hello Kitty welcomes stamp # 10 Robin.  My collection of Hello Kitty stamps are actually one large Traveling Event HIPS box.  So far I am up to 12 stamps but I do have others that are already carved that have not been added yet.  From time to time I just like to play with them and make a small batch of LTC’s.  The box with all of the Hello Kitty stamps will be at our Boise, Idaho, December 2015 (Star Wars - The Letterboxing Force Awakens) Event that is still in the planning stages.

This LTC was a simple stamp, emboss, color, layer and add bling as the finishing touch.  These cards are simple and clean in design but were still fun and quick to assemble.

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