Sunday, January 24, 2016

Crow Personal Traveler a Gift from FloridaFour

In 2014 I joined a "Bloodless Halloween" Letterbox Trading Card Exchange.  One of the cards I received in the exchange was "Crow" carved and designed by FloridaFour (Andrea).  I instantly fell in love with her carving as crows are one of my favorite birds.  Andrea's detail in this carving is just beautifully done and what makes this even more special is that the image is an original sketch done from a photo she took in Seattle during a visit.  But the true gift of this carving is that she offered the stamp to me as a gift!  I was stunned because it is absolutely so special.  How could I resist the offer?

Andrea did outline the steps she used in the creation of the wonderful LTC on Atlas Quest.  Here are her notes:

Crow was stamped an embossed on Bristol paper that was sprayed with Dylusions Spray inks.

Background was grey scrapbook paper, decorated with stencils done with acrylic paints, and dripped with black acrylic paint and purple watercolor. Card was painted with a coat of glossy acrylic polymer medium. Gems were attached with Glossy Accents by Ranger. I find that awesome for adding solid embellishments.

I received my first donated Personal Traveler from wandaandpete in 2012.  After a visit she craved this very tiny pair of pants and sent it in a note to me.  Birds on a Wire created a totally unique logbook for me (and also added some stability to the delicate stamp) and thus the unique Sisterhood of Traveling Letterboxers Personal Traveler was born.

Now "Crow" is ready to be found at events in my company.  I wanted it to have a special logbook and found this great handcrafted embossed leather journal with handmade unlined paper on Amazon.  The stone in the middle of the journal reminds me of the crows eye.  I can't thank Andrea enough for this special gift and I am really looking forward to sharing it in the future with all my Letterboxing friends far and wide.  You just never know where Crow and I might land!

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