Sunday, January 24, 2016

Star Wars Letterbox Trading Card Album by Little Miss Kitty

The Star Wars Keepsake Album designed and created by Little Miss Kitty (Kendall) for the Star Wars Letterbox Force Awakens Letterbox Trading Card (LTC) Tracker (my very first LTC tracker) is out of this world! 

Album Cover

Letterbox Trading Cards

Many of the elements swivel, lift or open to show you the Letterbox Trading Card (LTC) nestled within.  Quite a few of the pages match the actual LTC that they contain and others you recognize instantly as a character or theme from the movies.

Kendall spent weeks and weeks painstakingly designing each page and then assembling each component and finally bound them in the custom made cloth covered albums she handmade.  Creating one album would have been very time consuming for anyone but she created 18 albums for the exchange and to have several extra's for the event raffle drawings.

I have my album proudly on display at home and have savored it on more than one occasion because it is absolutely that special and original.  Kendall even managed to slip in a little Nightmare Before Christmas element on one of the pages for me.  See if you can find it above.

Thank you a thousand times over Kendall for making the Star Wars LTC Exchange the very best in the universe!  Nothing can compare to your creativity and the gift of your talents and time!       

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