Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grandjean Idaho Baron Creek Trail April 2016

During our first camping trip to Grandjean two weekends ago we tackled an obstacle course on Sunday set up by Mother Nature on the Baron Creek Trail.  She thought she had us a few times but she was no match for us as we crawled, scampered, hopped and shimmied our way through ever obstacle she threw our direction.  If only Anthony had brought along his chainsaw on the hike. 

We hiked to the first major water crossing and back to camp which was approximately 9.73 miles and 1,025 feet of elevation gain.  We were not prepared to cross the river but stopped and enjoyed some trail mix and G2 while sitting in the sun.  This area appeares to be an old burn area as you can still see burned tree stumps standing.  Above there is even a picture of a directional sign burned into a dead tree.  There was a lot of foliage and some wild flowers too.  This is a trail that I would like to explore again in the future with our water shoes in hand.  We only ran across one hiker and his daughter on their way down the trail and a couple of hikers on our return trip.  There was no snow like we encountered on the Trail Lakes Trail but plenty of sun shine and a trail that was easy to navigate once we cleared the obstacle course.  Another beautiful day on the trail!

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