Monday, May 9, 2016

The Chainsaw is Back In Action

While we were camping in Grandjean the weekend before last we discovered that there were quite a few trees still sticking farther out in the road than we thought they should be and also freshly fallen in the campground blocking two of the roads and also laying right across the path to our fire pit.  Mr. Dally had the situation completely under control.  Within minutes the chainsaw was unveiled for the season with a freshly sharpened chain and zip, zip, zip the roads were cleared, the path to the fire pit was no longer blocked and the main road was much wider to travel down for larger vehicles or when two vehicles encounter the same section of the road.  If only we could have packed it along on our hikes Anthony could have really done some major trail clean up.  It still felt good to leave the roads and campground in better shape than when we arrived for others to enjoy.  Jay and I mostly watched in awe from a safe distance as Anthony made quick work of every obstacle!  

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