Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kalmae Hal'loe Part I: Legs of the Order

As a Jedi Knight I travel the galaxy and aid all those that I encounter.  Jedi Knights are the arms and legs of the Order.  My duties can include peacekeeping, diplomacy and investigation.  The Force has guided me to follow the path of the Jedi Guardian which means I am often sent on missions where I am desperately needed.  Missions often include traveling to the Outer Rim and even Wild Space.  My lightsaber sees plenty of use although I have selected a green blade vs. the traditional blue of most Guardians.  I had originally thought that my path was one of the Jedi Consular using words and wits to resolve conflicts.  However, I quickly realized that the Force was calling me for a different purpose. 

A distress call was received from the planet Earth and my services were in need to investigate devastating recent attacks in the foothills of an outpost city known as Boise.  I could feel the presence of the Dark Force as soon as I reached the base of the foothills.  If you have not felt it before the dark side is the selfish, impulsive energy you feel when you have not set yourself at peace.  The dark side can cause irreversible spiritual corruption that marks a person as a dark sider.

I was hyper vigilant as I walked the ruins of the once beautiful rolling hills that are now just a burned and blackened world that has been completely destroyed by the Galactic Empire (also known as the First Order).  All that remained were small fragments of bone and ash that easily slipped through my fingers as I felt the life force of those that had bravely stood against the Empire drifting from my clutches in the warm summer air... to be continued.

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