Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blast from the Past - Roseberry, Idaho

During our weekends travels we visited the blink of an eye town called Roseberry. It is between McCall and Cascade. It is no bigger than a minute and is just a mile down the road from Donnelly. It consists of an old time general store, The Fly Trap Antique Store, a church and museum (former school house). Roseberry also hosts an annual music festival produced by the McCall Folklore Society and I have been told that the festival is out of this world fun.

I am hoping to eventually plant a box in Roseberry and have planned to for years now. Although I am still not ready to carve I was in luck as this visit was my first chance to tour the small museum. During my other visits the Roseberry Museum has been closed. What was so fun about this historic visit for me was they had old printing press items on display including metal plates that had been used by the press operators now mounted on wooden blocks. It was almost as if I had discovered perfect letterbox stamps. Unfortunately my ink pads were back at camp in Cascade. I would have loved to have captured these plates in ink but since I was unable to I snapped a couple pictures instead. I think I may need to sneak back eventually to get an image of the sea serpent plate. I think it would be fun to carve the image that had been used so long ago.

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