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Are You Brave Enough - New Plant - Cascade, Idaho

Sacred Ground - Cascade Cemetery

Not All Stones Are Placed for Eternity

The Horror of the Trail!
HELP! They Are Eating Me Alive!!!

"Terror of the Valley" (2)

Cascade, Idaho is nestled in the majestic mountains of Southwestern Idaho, 75 miles north of Boise on Highway 55 at an elevation of 4800 feet. The community is a recreational haven offering year-round activities from boating and golf, to skiing and snowmobiling. The lake in Cascade is one of the top largest lakes in Idaho and there are over 250 smaller lakes and streams in the county. This description and hundreds of others will boast the beauty and serenity of Cascade and the valley in which it sits.

The secret history of Cascade that you will not find on record has only been passed down in whispers around camp fires by those that have dared to tell of the hidden terrors that dwell in this seemingly innocent and safe valley. At great personal risk this past weekend a family friend and I sought out the truth with our own eyes and sacrificed the blood that flows through our veins to finally learn the truth behind the folklore that has left me restless most nights I have dwelled Cascade.

We waited until night fall as I knew the legends of the Crown Point Cemetery and the surrounding woods would not be revealed by the light of day. Once the sun had slipped from the sky completely we packed our travel bags with items to illuminate our treacherous journey into the unfamiliar and pitch dark woods. We traveled from highway 55 to Cascade and turned left off on Crown Point Road headed towards the lake. We passed the Cascade damn on the left and rounded the bend to the right past the Crown Point Camping Ground on the left. Up the hill we continued until the Crown Point Cemetery was directly in front of us. We parked and approached the cemetery nervous and unsure about the task we had choosen.

After walking the parameter of the Crown Point Cemetery we quickly discovered that the inhabitants are fenced in on hallowed ground and the creatures that we sought would not dare step on sacred soil as they would surely perish with the flap of a single wing.

The trail we uncovered was off to the far right starting at the corner of the Crown Point Cemetery fence. The trail is gated and disguised to appear as a snowmobiling road. The unknowing humans walking or driving past would not be alarmed to the dangers that lie sleeping down this dusty desolate path.

We illuminated the trail only to the right as we had been instructed and noted the single ancient marking on the trees lining the path ahead of us. Folklore shared late at night was that these wooden guards bare the mark of the thirsty beasts unknowingly. We neglected to notice that we were quickly encircled by creatures of the night that are ravenous for human and hound blood. They are fierce, restless and willing to give their lives to protect those that slumber under these woods. As we fought them off we stumbled and fell to the ground and realized that the path is strewn with traps and obstacles. Large sink holes, fallen wooden guards and tall brush leapt out at us as we focused on the markings and did not watch our footing as closely as we should have.
We almost perished on the path but finally found the first wooden guard that bares the marking of three. Again the blood suckers were quick to swarm as we let our guard down for a mere moment. We knew this was the resting place of the creature we desperately desired to uncover.

We circled to the back and found the one additional ancient marking and at the base of this gentle giant discovered that the myth was not only true but very much alive. We were horrified at the sight and knew that our screams we heard by none. Barely escaping the vile creatures’ claws we foolishly braved the path again and continued watching for the markings on the right and found the second terrifying beast in the same manner that we had discovered the first. We knew that our luck had just about run dry. We covered the horrifying and disgusting night dweller carefully and quickly hoping that it would not rise once we left this terrifying place. Legend says if they are not completely concealed that they will follow you home and the blood of the valley will be on your hands. We returned to the path bolting from the woods as fast as we could once we knew thew creatures were slumbering away from prying eyes.

Should you and your companions be foolish enough to seek the truth of the “Terror of the Valley” please know that I have shared our story as a warning. You may not be as fortunate to return from this cursed path. I would not attempt to find these vile creatures in the winter as legend says they hibernate under the snow. Be warned as I still have unexplained itchy bumps on my skin from our terrifying night in the woods.

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