Monday, August 17, 2009

To Vegas and Back and No Boxes!

M & M Store
Taking in the Nighlife
Dick's Restaurant in the Excalibur
Love the Smoothie Refills!
Glass Flowers at the Bellagio
Very Educational (and a little creepy) Exhibit
The Titanic was an Amazing Exhibit!!!

When Blisters Strike It's Time For Some New Shoes.
Oh How I Love Those Vegas Trail Shoes! BLING!
Sponge Bob 4-D Ride at the Excalibur - How Could I Resist?
Let's Ride again!!! We Love Sponge Bob!!!

This past weekend Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I headed to Las Vegas. While the kids were away the parents left town to play! I printed clues but to my dismay all the boxes were definitely driving distance from our hotel (Excalibur) and we were only on foot. If you have ever been to Vegas you know that a Vegas block feels like you have walked about 3 miles. It was easily over 105 degrees each day we were there. In preparation for my visit I quickly carved 5 Hit and Run boxes the night before we left Boise (I was up until midnight). Naturally the Department of Homeland Security searched my luggage. I swear every time I pack boxes they always are into my bags. They are so predictable.

Vegas was incredible. This is our third visit since 2002. We went to some great exhibits like the Titanic Artifacts and Bodies Exhibition at the Luxor. And we saw the Criss Angel Believe (mind freak guy) at the Luxor and The Beatles Love Crique du Soleil Show at the Mirage. My poor little boxes however were carted around in my bag and never actually saw the light of day. I had hoped to plant them outside the hotels but with the heat, the concern about all the video cameras and security I just ran out of time to find a safe place for them. They ended up traveling back to Boise with me and once again airport security searched my bags. Although I am a big zero for boxing in the land that never sleeps we had a fantastic trip and now I have five boxes ready to be planted at the drop of a hat. Viva Las Vegas!

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