Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Treat From Capperpillar & Greenjello!

What a wonderful treat this Halloween. GreenJello (Utah Carver) with the help of Capperpillar (Boise Planter) carved, created and planted a great series of boxes called “A Grave Misunderstanding.” I begged Mr. Blackvelvetrav to take me out to find these new plants as I had about 30 minutes free time before starting dinner and expecting little Gremlins to come knocking. It seemed perfect to find these Corpse Bride themed boxes on Halloween. I was so excited in fact that I left the house in my bright red Crocs instead of switching to tennis shoes or hiking boots. I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas ( I have on my Jack Skellington lid tonight) and Corpse Bride so this was extra exciting for me. Not only are the carvings excellent but the hiding places were perfect (and unique) for the boxes and a quick outing. Mr. Blackvelvetrav did mention that he hopes that someone plants some beer boxes at Idaho Saloons and Taverns soon so next time he can have a beer while I am stamping in. Gotta love a man with boxing priorities. Because we were in a hurry tonight I did leave the Pei’s of Adventure at home but they have had a great night running to the front door to greet all the little ghosts and goblins. Happy Pei-O-Ween!

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  1. Fun times!! I got to meet Green Jello, sorta- she was working, and we were driving through- but talked on the phone- when we went through Utah this summer. Found a lot of her hides down there. My husband loved the Cabela's one- he shopped while my son and I hunted!


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