Sunday, October 25, 2009

A-MAZE-ing Event!

Friday Capperpillar and I hosted a letterbox gathering at Linder Farms called the A-MAZE-ing Letterbox Event. We watched the weather very closely all week and sure enough the forecast for Friday night called for rain. We are use to searching for boxes in all types of weather (snow, rain, hail, blistering heat etc.) but we were not so sure about our new Boise Boxers.

Capperpillar, Lizman and I started the evening with sunshine as we roamed all over the farm planting our boxes in the corn maze, pumpkin patch and around the barn. This was my second time out to the farm and Capperpillar’s third visit. We marveled at the speed in which we planted our boxes in the corn maze as the stalks of corn were much shorter and thinner than during our first visit on opening day. Capperpillar came up with this totally clever idea of using small plastic bags covered in corn stalk colored tape and hanging them about three rows back from the 12 checkpoints in the corn maze. In fact the bags were so well concealed that we even struggled to find them ourselves in the dark when time came to pull them after 10 p.m. Capperpillar and I each hid 6 boxes in the corn maze and then went back together to pull all 12 at the end of the evening. We had a pretty good laugh pulling the boxes as we were so smug about planting them earlier in the evening. We actually spent over an hour lost in the second maze pulling the last 6 boxes. We experienced dejavue over and over again as we kept circling round and round lost in the dark maze. Finally one of the corn cops gave us a little directional advice. How embarrassing for two seasoned boxers and planters! HA! HA! Naturally we did not confess what we were really doing in the maze but thanked him kindly for his assistance.

We were thrilled to have so many new boxers join us under the canopies for exchanges, table top boxes and personal travelers as the sunset and the rain started. Fortunately after a little rain the skies cleared up and we were treated to a beautiful night of stars and clear skies – a perfect recipe for night letterboxing. Although the ground was a bit muddy it did not deter anyone from the adventures ahead. Capperpillar and I stayed close to the canopy during the start of the event and then headed out to the Pumpkin patch to locate each other’s boxes in the dark. When we first planted the boxes we were concerned that they were too visible. Our fears were quickly laid to rest as we dismounted the hay ride to find our hidden treasures among the pumpkins, vines and corn stalks. Sure enough they blended in perfectly under the cover of darkness. A total success!

All and all I am not sure how many miles Capperpillar and I logged during the evening but we walked and walked until every box was pulled and we were about ready to drop. I definitely owe a huge thank you to Capperpillar for all of her creative energy and talents. She carved an incredible event stamp, worked up the clue sheets and even created some of the cleverest boxes I have seen in a long time. Letterboxing is definitely her calling and I appreciate all the work and time she dedicated to the event. Time to put away the carving tools and re-group for the next adventure that tickles my fancy. Now if I can only figure out how to get all that mud off my boots!

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