Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Buzz - Idaho Replants

The Buzz: Starbucks Letterbox was originally planted in April 2007. Somewhere along the line it disappeared. This weekend I re-carved the image and have returned the box to its original hiding spot (tempting fate that it will be left undisturbed). Although I carved the same image again the original image was a simple outline. The new image I “carved out” to show more detail. When I compared the two I think the new image is a huge improvement over the old. The box is hidden under leaves and is ready for visitors once again! I would invite boxers who have already found the box to visit again and grab the new image.

The Buzz: Starbucks – Eagle, Idaho

The Dancing Dog Coffee Shop went out of business in 2008 and sadly the original Letterboxing went missing not too long after the shop closed. I thought the Dancing Dog was just as cute as a button so I planned on re-carving the image and eventually re-planting the box. Today I finally re-carved the image of the Dancing Dog opened my logbook from April 2007 and low and behold I discovered that I had carved a different image of the Dancing Dog. Although both were from the coffee shop that closed I somehow managed to forget which one I had carved originally and ended up with the other image. My original carving was more of an outline. This new carving is “carved out”. I encourage past finders to find the new Dancing Dog. In addition to the carving changing he is also in a “Hit and Run” magnetic container and does not have a logbook. He has also moved from his original location since the coffee shop is gone. The closest coffee shop is across the street inside Fred Meyer in case you need a caffeine fix.

The Buzz: Dancing Dog Coffee House - Meridian, ID

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