Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Final Count in Eagle, Idaho

Tonight the Pei's and I hit the trail one last time to knock out the last of my Eagle, Idaho boxes. We also checked on one Boise box. All and all we managed to check on 5 boxes before it got dark and we got hungry. These are the ones we visited or at least attempted to this evening:

Easy Catch - Eagle, Idaho - MIA
Love Note - Eagle, Idaho - Logbook Full - Pulled and Retired
Love Bug - Eagle, Idaho - Logbook Full - Pulled and Retired
In My Prayers - Boise, Idaho - MIA
Grand Master of Romance - Alive and Well

Here is the final count for Eagle, Idaho

  • 30 Boxes Planted Originally
  • 3 Retired Recently by Me
  • 2 Were Converted (Charlie and Phish Food) to Event Boxes and are with Felix Felicis in New York
  • 9 are Alive and Well
  • 16 Were Taken and/or Vandalized within the last 3 months

These are the boxes that are still alive and well in Eagle:

  • Big Dog Series (2)
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Gold Fish
  • Grand Mater of Romance
  • Little Ladybug
  • Scentimental Romeo
  • The Gift of Time
  • Wag & Walk 2007

I guess it is time to move on to Boise and Meridian next. I would sure love to eventually look for boxes that are not mine but there are no new ones in the area. Time to hit the road I guess.

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