Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tempted Fate Tonight

If someone had told me back in 2009 that my new hobby would consist of me night boxing evening after evening to locate my own boxes I would have told them they were nuts. Fast forward to tonight and you can picture the Pei's and I down on the Greenbelt in Eagle ripping through a 2+ mile hike as the sun was setting very, very quickly. And this was the second box of the evening. Head lamp in place we were moving very briskly back to the car once we confirmed the box was alive. Back up a hill in the car to double check reports of one that had gone MIA last year via natural causes. We confirmed that the giant rock was gone and so was the box. Back to the heart of Eagle. Scared a restaurant manager as I was checking on the fourth box. He knew it was there and didn't look at me like I was completely insane. I was a little pumped having found three boxes alive and well. It was about 5 minutes later that I risked one more box and fate slapped me in the face. Yes, another stupid autograph from those dumb, lazy, good for nothing teenagers who have vandalized my boxes. I have decided that the vandals are extremely lazy. The only boxes they have bothered with basically required no real Letterboxing skills or more than 5 minutes of time to locate. Heck, they can't even spell Firecracker correctly half of the time.

Here are the latest updates from tonight's ventures:

Dragon Boat Festival - Eagle, Idaho - Alive
Goldfish - Eagle, Idaho - Alive
Freddy Frog - Eagle, Idaho - Rock Gone Crocked of Natural Causes - Retired/MIA
Scentimental Romeo - Eagle, Idaho - Alive
Zeke Special Delivery - Eagle, Idaho - Vandalized

We did attempt to check on one of our cemetery boxes before even making it to the Greenbelt tonight but I noted two ground keepers busy digging holes. I figured it was bad karma (at the very least) to try to go back in the dark not knowing where the holes or freshly turned ground were. We will go back in the day light for that one. Looks like our list is getting shorter by the day. If only we had more hours of daylight in the evening I could get these checked faster. Even in the dark we are making great progress. Pretty soon I will only be able to locate boxes in the dark.

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