Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Kidnapped

In the wonderful movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" Lock, Shock, and Barrel are Oogie Boogie's not-so-loyal "little henchmen". They all three are trick-or-treaters, with faces similar to their masks. Instructing them to "leave that no-account Oogie Boogie OUT of this!", Jack sends Lock, Shock, and Barrel to "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" (the Halloween Town residents' mistaken name for Santa Claus). At first, they accidentally capture the Easter Bunny, whereupon Jack apologizes and sends them back. They then capture their true quarry. The trio takes Santa Claus to Oogie's lair, where Oogie taunts and threatens Santa.

Unfortunately it appears instead of being the tricksters that they were created to be Lock, Shock and Barrel have been kidnapped and no longer reside at Dry Creek Cemetery in Boise. First we lost Jack and Sally at Joplin Cemetery and now Lock, Shock and Barrel. It has yet to be seen if Zero, Oogie Boogie and the Mayor of Halloween Town have out smarted the kidnappers.

In addition I checked on two additional boxes this morning. “Angel on My Shoulder” is alive and well. And I checked on Idahoax by Murray7 and it was alive and well too. I may have to put out an SOS for PZ KUT donations so I can re-carve this series it was one of my favorites. Jack the Pumpkin King shall rise again!

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