Sunday, February 21, 2010

Count Bunnyla LTC Watercolor on Baby Wipes

Finally I was forced off the trail (hunting for my own vandalized boxes) due to cupcake mania this past week and weekend. Chronicles of my other hobbies are on my crafting and Compassion blogs but it is safe to say that we made mountains of cupcakes this past week. I also managed to make a few rubber stamped cards yesterday too. Tonight I set aside my frosting tips and all my other crafting projects and made time to work on my Count Bunnyla LTC's. Count Bunnyla is a Traditional Letterbox that was created for the event Capperpillar and I put together in October at the Corn Maze. I didn't want to re-plant Count Bunnyla until I created the LTC's for him. I do need to make a new logbook for Count Bunnyla but he will be looking for someone to plant him out of state. Although my clues and boxes (the ones that are still alive) are safe from the vandals I don't want to plant any new ones locally until I have checked on all of them. Count Bunnyla will be looking for a new home very soon.

Count Bunnyla is a unique card design for me. I attempted a new technique tonight using Water Colors and Pamper's Baby Wipes. I use baby wipes a lot when I craft but I have never actually used one as a background before. I squirted watercolors on clean baby wipes and then let them dry. I adhered the baby wipes to the cards with Gel Medium and trimmed them to fit. I then decorated the card with a gravestone stamp I had and masked Count Bunnyla on top of the graves. I also added stars to the background. The last step was to apply Sparkle Glaze to add a clear iridescent sparkle to Count Bunnyla. With ATC's I love the fact that no two cards are alike and this background gave every single card I made a different look.

In total I made 14 Count Bunnyla LTC's. One will go with the box for the first finder. One will be given to the planter of Count Bunnyla as a thank you gift for planting the box. The remaining 12 are available for trade.

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