Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two for Two Middleton and Meridian

Saturday Lizman, The Pei's of Adventure and I made time to check on four of my local boxes to see if they were still alive. Three in Middleton and one in Meridian. We did make two stops on our way to Middleton. The first stop was at Eagle Island to walk Raisin and Jay. They were off leash for 98% of our walk but then Lizman slipped them on leash when we came across another dog right by our car. The first three shots were all taken at Eagle Island. I love the nest pictures. These mated birds of prey have been very busy building their giant nest out of all kinds of materials. We also made a quick stop to visit A & J Bear and the two little Baby Bears in Star. They were heading out to watch a high school sporting event so they were off the trail this past weekend.

In Middleton we first stopped to check on "Hit and Run Whinny." Although the bag and paper towel were so wet that they were moldy the actual stamp was fine. I just tossed the wet wrappings and put the box back. Our second stop at the Middleton Cemetery yielded one out of two boxes still alive. Although the "Mayor of Halloween Town from my Nightmare Before Christmas" series was still alive I pulled him for temporary retirement because he is the only Nightmare Before Christmas box to survive the vandals. Unfortunately my Pumpkin Blues box was MIA.

Our last stop on the trail was in Meridian. We needed to check on Lizman's "Isaac" box at the Meridian Water Tower. Sadly the box had vanished. With the two missing boxes we think both were gone due to Muggles and not the High school vandals from the Meridian Technical and Medical Charter Schools (yes, we know who they are). Capperpillar did report two of her boxes being vandalized (and re-vandalized) recently. Sadly these teens apparently have not life and can only vandalize letterboxes to humor themselves.

Here is the re-cap of our findings:

"Isaac" - Meridian, Idaho - MIA
"Hit and Run Whinny" - Middleton, Idaho - Alive and Well
"Pumpkin Blues" - Middleton, Idaho - MIA
"Nightmare Before Christmas - Mayor of Halloween Town" - Pulled and Retired

We were going to look for a couple of Capperpillar's boxes that we have not found yet and were heading that direction on Saturday after our Middleton and Meridian visits. All of a sudden I realized that my actual letterboxing backpack was back at home in my craft room. I did stop at the Craft Warehouse to pick up some ink and a temporary log book but by the time I got back to the car Lizman, Raisin and Jay were all sound asleep. I figured we would need to save the adventure for another warm and sunny afternoon!

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