Monday, May 31, 2010

Planted a New Box Today

Yippee I planted a new box today! It’s called “To Catch a Sprite.” With all the vandalism in Boise I have been hesitant to add any additional boxes until I knew my remaining boxes were safe. Although I still have more to check I had this box ready to roll and was bound and determined to get it out into the wilds today rain or shine. We did end up out in the rain and I even lost my balance while planting the box and ended up on my pa-tootie in wet grass. Oh my! Although I have to be contacted for these clues it was fun to get out on the trail and plant a new box for our great Boise boxers (and visitors too).

Speaking of rain I am always a rain optimist. I seem to always think that the rain is headed another direction or that I will outrun the rain when I am outside. I tempted fate on Thursday at Eagle Island with the Pei’s and we barely made it back to the Bronco when the drops started to fall. I could see the rain coming, hear the thunder clapping and the lightening flashing in the clouds as they were headed straight for us. As much as I love the sunshine I also enjoy a good storm (just not being in the middle of it outdoors). Fortunately on Thursday I caught the storm on film vs. wearing it home. The last time a storm caught us out walking I was soaked to the skin through about 3 layers of clothing with the Pei’s of Adventure looking at me like I was out of my mind.

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