Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thoughts on Geo Boxes

I think most Letterboxers have a love/hate relationship with Geocachers and I am sure the feelings are mutual. I think part of my issue with Geocacher’s is the lazy manner in which they put boxes together (at least all of them I have found) and how they just leave trash in them vs. unique and interesting trinkets. I am not even going to mention my issues with them vandalizing Letterboxes and /or taking the stamps. I often find Geo’s while finding and planting letterboxes. To be honest they are not hard to miss. I found one yesterday and sure enough it was pretty much sitting out in the open. And it was full of trash (nothing worth trading for or exchanging for). I did my best to cover it up with what I could find but I think that it may eventually end up in the trash. I am sure there are some great Geocacher’s out there who put together fun and interesting boxes but I have yet to find any of those.

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