Saturday, May 15, 2010

Early Morning Wild Bunnies

This morning the Pei's of Adventure and I made it over to Eagle Island before 7:00 a.m. Eagle Island is really an outdoor oasis very close to home. I can let the Pei's off leash and walk the horse trails without seeing a single soul. For years now I have seen wild bunnies at Eagle Island but they are so elusive that I have never been able to capture them on film. This was my day! As the Pei's were distracted by some irresistible smell in the brush near by I managed to capture the wild bunnies on film before they hopped away. I also managed to snap shots of another critter. I am not sure if it is a beaver or a ground hog. I saw more than one but they were too fast to get pictures of. I will have to try to get them on film another day. Usually the Pei's chase away all the little critters but they didn't even see them this morning.

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