Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curly-Q's First Plant

I am continually sharing Letterboxing with today’s youth as they are the future of this hobby that we cherish. Last summer I taught Curly-Q (Madison) how to Letterbox while we were camping with her family. We started with planting, moved on finding and then I taught her to carve. Madison was over the other night and I completely forgot that she had carved and created her very first carving and logbook last summer. For some strange reason we never managed to get it planted. After she made some handmade cards for Father’s Day we sped out of the driveway and into Eagle to plant her box. It did take us a bit of driving around but we located a spot that she liked and I let her completely work and document her own clues. After I dropped her off back at home I realized we left the clues in my step-son’s car. OOPS! Now we are working on getting her clues back so I can post her very first plant. It’s important for me to use what she wrote because it’s her plant. Soon to arrive Curly-Q’s first Letterboxing plant.

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