Friday, June 11, 2010

Treasure Tuesday's – Will You Share?

Here in Boise the letterboxing community is very small. Unfortunately with the relatively tiny band of boxers I have not only run out of local boxes to find but with the vandalism and the lock down of clues I do not have as many boxes for boxers to find either. It will take me a lot of time and rubber to remedy the situation (at least with my plants).

I realized last night while redesigning my letterboxing blog (I have a ton more to update on this blog and my other blogs too) that I desperately desire my blog's content to reach beyond my local boarders and Idaho adventures. I would like to faithfully post on Tuesdays treasures that you are willing to share with me from your week boxing. I am looking for simplicity in the sharing. I would love a snap shot of the boxer with the treasure they have found (only the container showing to protect the identify of the carving), the boxes name, the boxers trail name, the city and state it was found in (unless it's a mystery) and three words to describe the adventure. Here is an example:

Trail Name: Blackvelvetrav
Box Name: Nesting Raptors
City/State: Boise, Idaho
Three Word Description: High – Rocky – Beautiful

Basically if you have found a box during the week send a picture and the above information to my yahoo account ( and I will include it in my Treasure Tuesday's post. This will be a fun way to see what others have been fining out in the wilds and for me to connect with other boxers when adventures are a little skimpy here in Boise.

I hope you are willing to start sharing because I am ready to blog! Blackvelvetrav


  1. I would gladly share!!! I just posted from a weekend of stuff we did on my blog, but I know not many people read my blog, LOL! :)


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