Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Galoclya Catches a Sprite!

Without hesitation a fearless member of the Galoclya Clan braved the morning "To Catch a Sprite." Her harrowing tale of valor and eventual victory are shared below:

"Once I found out that a sprite was on the loose, I knew I was sure to catch it! To be the FIRST to catch a sprite, one must get up early (and be quick about sending the kids off to school). I was a little nervous, not knowing too much about sprites and heading out all alone to catch it. (normally somebody in my family goes with me). I followed the pics precisely, and ended up staring at a headstone that helped hide the little sprite. I looked around for muggles and when the coast was clear I bent under the bush, reached out my arm, moved the stick, and suddenly a sprite ran next to my shoe! I panicked and tried to run, but looked around and saw nothing. A squirrel stared at me suspiciously on a nearby tree flicking his tail sneakily. I think he meant to warn the little sprite of my arrival...With my heart now beating, I decided to try again. I bent under the bush, reached out my arm, moved the stick, and quickly grabbed the little sprite! I clutched her tightly to my chest and hurried away from her hiding spot, perhaps another sprite might try to rescue her, or even an angry squirrel! After documenting everything I could about this very special sprite, I carefully slipped her back into a little box. I checked again for muggles and this time squirrels as well before hiding her back where I found her. Catching sprites is fun, it would even be a treat to find another one!"

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  1. what's a sprite? I checked the glossary at letterboxing.org and atlasquest.org and couldn't find a definition.
    I've stumbled across your blog and enjoy reading stories about letterboxing. I enjoy this activity with my family and am working on learning to carve so I can plant my first box.


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