Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slightly Anti Climatic Box in Emmett

After showers, breakfast and feeding the Pei Lizman and I hit the road to find a letterbox that had been placed in May 2010 in Emmett. I did not recognize the planters trail name but wanted to at least find a box this weekend. The sun is out now and the drive was relaxed and warm on the way to Emmett. We easily located the park (at one time I had a box hidden there) and the clues led us right to the box. Easy to follow clues, secure hiding spot, interesting camouflage inside the box...things were looking promising. Sadly this is where the let down happened. Instead of a stamp (store bought or hand carved) they left a red marker in the box with a note to draw a smiley face into your logbook with the pen. The logbook was a slip of note book paper. I totally understood the note book paper but I really felt compelled to let them know they probably need to add an image to their box. Back at home I just send them a note. I hate to be unkind or unappreciative because I value any effort in planting in our area. Still, it just didn't seem like a letterbox without a stamp. I really hope my e-mail encourages them vs. discouraging their attempts. I guess time will tell. I did take a box with me to plant but Lizman fell fast asleep in the car on the way back to Boise so we have ended up back at the house. I might attempt to plant tomorrow after church.

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