Friday, June 11, 2010

A Planting We Will Go...

Tonight it was time to journey to Nampa, Idaho. Lizman and I were headed out for a free tour of Messiah's Mansion. It is only scheduled to be in Nampa through tomorrow evening and we didn't want to miss it. Messiah's Mansion is a full-scale replica of the wilderness sanctuary built by Moses during the Exodus. It was very interesting to hear and learn about some of the details and see the fill size replica they had set up. It was extremely windy in Nampa tonight and the tents were really flapping in the wind during the tour.

We hooked up with Mr. Blackvelvetrav (who was in Nampa for a baseball game) for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings after the tour. Once all fingers were licked clean we back tracked and hid a box that we had stowed away in the car. Count Bunnyla made his first appearance at the A-Maze-ing Letterbox Event In Meridian, Idaho last October. Capperpillar and I hosted the event and then we both came home with a pretty large stash of boxes. I have been working on preparing some of these boxes to be re-planted again to help with all the vandalism we have suffered from recently. I was going to send this one out of state but I did receive an e-mail that an out of state boxer may be visiting the Nampa area and since I didn't have any boxes in Nampa I thought this was the perfect reason to plant it out there.

I knew we were not far from a spot I had spied so Lizman and I braved the wind gusts again and very quickly planted the box. Feeling like the spontaneous souls that we are we sent a quick text to Mr. Blackvelvetrav and decided to hit an 8:50 p.m. showing of the A-Team at the Edwards Movie Theaters in Nampa. I know it's a guilty pleasure but Lizman and I both really enjoyed the movie. We just landed back home and I guess it's time for bed. We will have to see if we manage to get more boxes planted tomorrow. As luck would have it I have three more ready to roll. I think I better call it a night Lizman is breathing down my neck to get on the computer and the Pei's of Adventure are asleep at my feet looking like the Pei's of bedtime.

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