Thursday, June 17, 2010

Re-Planting in the Dark

Tonight was another insane evening of activities. Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I were on duty in downtown Boise at the River of Life Mission to serve dinner at the 6:30 p.m. meal. We zipped back across town to the Idaho Pizza Company for a 15 minute meal before the Umpire meeting started that Mr. Blackvelvetrav was attending. I slipped out the door and I shot back home to get my letterbox ready to re-plant. Mr. Blackvelvetrav rolled into the driveway to grab me and zoom we were headed down the road to find a safe place to re-plant The Buzz - Tully's Coffee Letterbox. As the sun was setting wicked fast I had to really plant quickly. I forgot my head lamp but this is in a very rural area and it probably would have really looked out of place. I am happy to report that the box is back out in the wilds and ready to be found once again. Another re-plant off the list. Too bad Tully's was closed during our visit because a warm drink sure sounded good on this brisk evening. Three cheers for another re-plant!

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