Friday, June 18, 2010

Cemetery Whispers

Indianapolis 2005 was my first introduction to cemetery boxes. Speed Square took me to box all around the area during a business trip and one of our stops was at the third largest cemetery in the United States. I was overwhelmed by the size of the cemetery and the beauty of the historic headstones and statuary work. I was so thankful that she had taken me under her wing because I would have been hopefully lost in the rolling hills and acres and acres of woods in the cemetery. It was also fantastic to spend time with an established boxer who was willing to share her experiences and knowledge.

Upon returning to Boise I knew I had to carry on the tradition to our local pioneer cemeteries. We have so many here in the west that have beautiful architecture, iron work that has stood the test of time and headstones that are whispers from a by gone era in history.

Today I continued my planting in the Morris Hill Cemetery. I wandered around a bit with my camera (there were quite a few service workers maintaining the grounds) to keep their curiosity away from my true intentions.

Morris Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Treasure Valley beginning in January 1882. Some of the causes of death in the first burial record, beginning in 1882, include snow slide, gunshot, murder, dropsy, consumption, poison, falling tree, falling rock, rickets gathering in the head, bright's disease, La Grippe, and steel car accident.

With all the history abound I managed to conceal my box and leave the grounds with no one the wiser. I may need to visit again to hide a few more boxes to keep the tradition alive.

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