Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Replant or Not?

Once upon a time I planted a quaint little Letterboxing series called "The Buzz" as a tribute to many of the local java joints in town. There were 5 boxes in all hidden at or near local coffee shops. Some of the Buzz boxes were nabbed by muggles and some were vandalized by the Meridian Technical Charter High School delinquents. With their unhappy ending all five boxes were sadly retired.

The vandalism of boxes at the end of 2009 and the start of 2010 have left me with a bit of a quandary. Do I re-plant or leave these boxes retired as victims of the vandalism. Half of me was hoping to re-carve and re-plant them all. The other half of me was thinking this might be the best time to just start from scratch and only plant new carvings. I really do not enjoy re-carving images I have already carved.

Ultimately I have decided that both halves of me need to be honored (yes, I want it all). I do want to re-plant some boxes but I don't want to be consumed and overwhelmed by the volume. The idea I came up with is to do re-plants but when I re-carve I am changing the image. In some cases it might be a completely new carving and in other cases it might be just more detail in a similar carving.

Tonight I re-carved the 1st of my "The Buzz" boxes. The image is the same but the carving is different. Instead of just an outline I have carved out the image. The other change is moving the hiding place of the plant and the size of the container. Capperpillar tested our local vandals and sure enough they are willing to hit a box more than once if they discover it is active again and placed in the same location. You would think teenagers would have better things to do with their time like volunteer or make a positive difference in our world.

The Pei's of Adventure and I hit the trail tonight with fresh inky fingers and paws and the box is out in the wilds already. Too bad the Human Bean was not open tonight I would have loved a Soy Chai. Oh, I can already feel the Buzz!

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