Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A-Bear Busts Me Slacking

A first happened to me tonight. After a long day at the office I made my way home. As I pulled up into the drive way I noticed there was something at my front door on the mat. Upon further investigation I realized that a Travelling Event Stamp had made it's way to my front door with a little help from A-Bear, Kibear and Tobear. looked suspicious to me. Sure enough it was none other than the H.I.P.S. Travelling Event Box and as a bonus a certificate for me because A-Bear caught me slacking at an event in 2008. That A-Bear has a mind like an elephant! We might need to suggest a trail name change for her like A-Elephant.

We had been joking around at the carving event on Saturday about the cute little moustache that represents the Hidden in Plain Sight Boxes on AQ and how funny it would be to put a moustache on all of our H.I.P.S. boxes. Well, clever A-Bear did one better and actually made a H.I.P.S. Travelling Letterbox. How cute is that! Normally I would not show another boxers image on my blog but this just had to be shared.

And was I really slacking? As luck would have it I was too lazy at an event to figure out a Personal Traveler by myself and asked A-Bear to help figure it out for "us" and send me a copy of the image. I know...I know...shame on me...yes I was slacking. She is so much better at solving PT clues than I am. Sometimes you just gotta be a bit of a slacker when you have talented friends.

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