Thursday, November 11, 2010

KuKu's Birthday Bash Friday Edition

Friday in Astoria was a bit of a slow start of me. I did not sleep much Thursday night due to the road noise and the constant stream of people up and down the metal stair case just out side my motel room door.

Yiker, KuKu, LegoGirl, Centaur and I headed to the Pig N' Pancake Restaurant just down the street from the motel and met up with some additional friends of KuKu's who box on occasion. After a hearty breakfast we drove up to The Astoria Column to find boxes that are planted in and around this historic Astoria landmark.

We were able to meet up with Maiden, Storm Rider, Mini Les and Marmalade for a quick picture in the Astoria Column parking lot. It was also my chance to hand over their Birthday Goody Bags before they hit the trail in another direction and we started on our quest down the mountain.

As soon as we hit the trail we were enveloped in a beautiful lush wooded forest for our search. We had just enough time to find three boxes on the trail and then it was a race against the clock to return to the motel, change out of our muddy gear and make it to the Victorian High Tea at the Benjamin Young Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The Bed and Breakfast was charming and it was an interesting experience. I am a tea drinker and love a freshly brewed pot of steaming herbal tea with a hint of sweetener. However, I am not a fussy finger food type of gal so some of the meal was lost on my pallet preferences. We did manage some very quick signature stamp and LTC exchanges after tea and it was fun to watch Maiden solve the unveiled "Forth Order of the Quest" box by X Marks the Spot and SHH.

After we disbanded from a quick group photo I found myself back at the motel for another outfit change. I was just rearranging my suitcase when I heard my name being hollered from the parking lot. I swung open the door to find my two Jedi friends (SHH and Padawan) searching for me. Obviously they knew by the looks of the motel that the walls of my modest room were as thin as rice paper. Before I knew it we had assessed my sleeping quarters and were standing in the lobby of the motel (all 5 feet of it) asking a stone faced man behind the counter if we could cancel our reservations. Picture Lurch from the Adams Family. His only response was that he needed a 24 hours notice to cancel reservations. SHH used the force to convince him that he needed to cancel both their reservations and mine (I was too chicken to ask) and he obeyed her every command. It was amazing! We quickly left his presence, stormed back into my room and packed me up in a flash. We stopped by to let KuKu and Yiker know we were moving at warp speed to populate a distant moon and we were off to the Comfort Suites. It may not be often that the Jedi concern themselves with such trivial matters. However, I am thankful that they took pity on my sleeping situation and intervened. It was a Jedi rescue to be sure!

The weather held out on Friday afternoon and SHH, Padawan and I decided to try to see if we could locate some of the treasures in and around Hammond. We did try to uncover the Treasure of the Iredale but came up empty handed (we later determined we were in the wrong parking lot). We did manage to find the Let's Go Camping! Box as the sun was setting. A quick stop for pizza on the way back to Astoria really hit the spot.

We hooked back up with Yiker and KuKu at the motel for exchanges and I took my turn at solving the amazing Fourth Order of the Quest box. We also were able to meet 2Peas in a Pod OR for late night exchanges and stories.

When the ink finally dried we decided to call it a night and returned to the Comfort Suites. I marveled at the serenity of the room (except for our late night laughter) and the seals in the distance talking to one and other. Ah, glorious hotel room serenity!


  1. Hey, I know those people! What fun we had, and it was even more fun hangin' with you! :-)

  2. That was great! I love coming to the rescue! haha! :o)


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