Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KuKu's Birthday Bash Thursday Edition

My timing into Astoria was perfect on Thursday as KuKu and Yiker were just coming in off the trail. I was able to hook right up with them for some exchanges while we waited for two new boxers (Legogirl and Centaur) to hook up with us. It was fun to see two new boxers learning the ropes. Legogirl was frantically taking notes as KuKu filled her in on all the different types of boxes you might encounter at a Gathering. Poor thing could hardly write fast enough as she attempted to catch all the details. Baptism by Letterboxing fire. Hoo Rah!

I brought little goody bags to the event for everyone who attended and inside the bag there were clues to 4 new boxes that NeNe had planted for me before my arrival. I also stuffed chocolates and LTC's into the bags. KuKu and Yikers thought it might be fun to find my boxes Thursday afternoon and I was totally game to see where they were hidden.

The clues led us to Shively Park to find Bella, Edward and Jacob. NeNe did such an incredible job planting the boxes for me. I would never have found this park or had the time to plant them as well as she did. The clues all worked out perfectly and although I am going through a "cute" carving faze everyone seemed to like the carvings. Be warned I am still feeling the cuteness.

Evening off the trail led us to a warm restaurant and lots of delicious Mexican food. This was a perfect start to the Birthday Bash weekend. Ole!

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