Friday, November 26, 2010

My Secret Santa Envelope Arrived!

We don't participate in the craziness of Black Friday so our traditional day after Thanksgiving is usually spent sleeping in, going out to lunch and a movie and that is exactly what we did today. The boys (Lizman and Gamblerman) both went up to Bogus Basin to ski and Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I went to Tucano Brazilian Grill for lunch and to Edwards Theater to see "Unstoppable."

Upon our return home I peeked into the mailbox and low and behold my Secret Santa gift had arrived. I quickly texted wapiti seekers to see if it was okay for me to open it since it arrived so early. She responded with "Sure why not."

I received a cute card, a lovely holiday stamp and two cookie recipes (Candy Cane and Neapolitan Cookies). It looks like my Secret Santa is playing coy as all they listed on their envelope and inside the card is "Secret Santa."

What I can tell you about my Secret Santa is that they live in Three Rivers, MI. I may need to do a little elf investigation to see if I can figure out who my Secret Santa is. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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