Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Fun Run in Down Town Boise

Early this morning Lizman, The Pei's of Adventure and I participated in the YMCA Fun Run and Walk in Down Town Boise. Naturally it's not a Christmas Run without getting dolled up for the event. Since I didn't have a costume I had to whip up a little something. I don't sew much but I managed to make myself a giant holiday poncho. I think I should have made the medium patter instead of the large. Lizman said it looked like a huge tablecloth with a hole in it. Mr. Blackvelvetrav also commented that it was rather wide while I was working on it. All I can say was it was mighty snugly and I got lots of compliments on it at the walk. The other great thing about the poncho was I was able to layer 2 shirts and a vest under it with tons of room for more layers. It was only about 26 degrees this morning and the wind was at about 16 mph so it was a chilly walk. The Pei's naturally had on their holiday finest and Lizman even wore a holiday hat. Although he did refuse to wear any jingle bells. The walk was fun to see everyone in costume and to hear the carolers along the walk.

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