Monday, December 20, 2010

Secret Santa Loves Hello Kitty Too

Today in the mail at work another AQ Secret Santa gift mysteriously appeared. This one addressed from Fort Jones, California. The handwriting of this gift matches the handwriting of the last two notes I received. This was an amazing package full of wonderful Hello Kitty treats and goodies. I recently created a traveling H.I.P.S. bag with four Hello Kitty carvings and I have shared it with my Letterboxing friends in Idaho and Oregon. Even though the packages and notes are arriving from all over the United States I am thinking this wonderful gift is from a sneaky Secret Santa who must have first hand knowledge of my childhood love of Hello Kitty.

Inside the box I received the most adorable "metal" Hello Kitty purse full of candy bracelets, a super cute Hello Kitty clip-on, fun Hello Kitty stickers, a totally cute Hello Kitty hand carved stamp and matching hand-made Hello Kitty logbook. All I can say is this is an amazing gift from my AQ Secret Santa. I am still thinking I may have more than one AQ Secret Santa but it has been so fun I don't mind my Letterboxing friends pulling one over on me. It's hard to catch your Secret Santa red handed when the postman is delivering the goodies. This will definitely require more super sleuth skills on my part to solve. Too much Secret Santa fun!

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