Sunday, December 5, 2010

LTC's from SHH

Last night the postman delivered the sweetest card from SHH and tucked inside were six beautiful LTC's and one of her tiny inch carvings of ObiWan. What a wonderful gift of her time! It was such a treat for me to open because I know the time it takes to carve in addition to the artistic component of creating an LTC. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite card but I know she blogs many of her LTC's and images so I think I am safe showing off one or two on my blog. They are just so wonderful. I love homemade gifts because they are a gift of another person's time. They are a true gift from the heart. Thank you for thinking of me SHH!

P.S. I will need to go and put on my glasses to stare at ObiWan - he is amazing!


  1. You humble me, my dear friend...I'm so glad you enjoyed my efforts.

    And, yes, you always have permission to share my stuff here or anywhere else you wish.

    ~SHH :-)


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