Friday, December 3, 2010

Secret Santa Trickery!

There is something pretty suspicious happening under my tree. What seemed like a simple exchange of Secret Santa gifts has turned into a top secret - Secret Santa Conspiracy. Sure my package innocently arrived in the mail from Three Rivers, MI, I delighted at it's contents, mailed off my box early this week and hoped that my Secret Santa was equally delighted when low and behold another letter surfaced at my office today again from my Secret Santa but this time mailed from Provo, Utah. This letter also claims to be from my Secret Santa (handwriting analysis may be necessary). Apparently I am going to have additional packages sent from various addresses and something metal is coming. What on Earth? Any seasoned Letterboxer knows that most metal boxes will not survive very well out in the elements. Is someone trying to ring my jingle bells?

But you know I do have the snail mail addresses of many of the Secret Santa participants on the list myself. And I am also friends with the head Secret Santa. I could start my own campaign of Secret Santa Trickery if Secret Santa's keep popping up in my mail box here at home and at my workshop. There is serious mischief afoot here in Idaho!

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