Sunday, May 22, 2011

Johnny Depp LTC's by Bluegoatz - Let Me Count the Ways

What could be more enticing than to open your mail box to a host of amazing LTC's from Bluegoatz? To open that mail box and find half of the cards are of Johnny Depp! Oh, how wonderful indeed. I think Bluegoatz and I may have to share Johnny if he comes knocking but how could I not share him considering that she must adore him too. How on Earth did she know? Not only are the cards wonderfully creative and fun but the subject matter makes them all the more special. Bluegoatz not only shared Johnny with me but she also completely spoiled me with many other wonderful LTC's in the envelope too. Looks like it's time to return the favor by sending quite a few more her direction. Time to start carving again. Thank you for the amazing LTC's. I may just need to slip them under my pillow tonight. HE! HE! I am so bad!

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