Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planting with a Museum Curator

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting with Laurie Baker the Curator of the Eagle Historical Museum. The Youth Services Librarian of the Eagle Library had arranged for me to plant a box inside the museum for their summer reading program. It is such a delight to meet with someone who has such a genuine love and passion for the history they help preserve.

The Eagle Historical Museum represents the combined early efforts of the Eagle Historical Preservation Commission and the Eagle Historical Society. The little museum is filled with artifacts and documents that have been collected for years by history-conscious members of the community.

Laurie was unfamiliar with Letterboxing but was game to learn it from the ground up. She was instrumental in helping discover the perfect spot for the box and provided me with copies of the Eagle Enterprise newspaper published in 1959 to help craft my clues. The box is a simple one to find but she enjoyed us playing with the clues a bit to bring history alive. My pictures above do give away the clues but I just had to share how fun the plant is living in one of the displays as if it belongs there. My box is actually an old wooden cigar box I found in our garage here at home. It blends in perfectly with the display. If you check out the pictures above carefully you can find the box in the Blacksmith Shop. I am really looking forward to the first finder logging in their discovery. Today was the first day the box was available to be found since the museum was closed Sunday through Tuesday.

I would really encourage boxers to plant indoor boxes to add variety to their plants in any area of the county. In Idaho our winters can be a little on the nasty side. It's nice to have options for boxers to still find boxes when many of our outdoor boxes are buried under snow. I have only had one business turn down an indoor plant request but they did allow me to plant it on the grounds of the business. It just never hurts to ask and then to educate. You can not predict who might just become the newest boxer in your area when you share your love for the adventure.

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