Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Testing the Clues for the Harry Potter Event

One of the advantages of planning and preparing for an event is that you often are able to box either before the event or after the event. This was really fun for me in Washington because Roots and Shoots Redmond took me out to box the event several times before the event to test the clues and my Harry Potter knowledge. Roots and Shoots Redmond planted many of the boxes days before I arrived but we went back out to check on the boxes, verify the clues were accurate and set up props before Saturday. It was only slight slacking on my part because I did have the planter with me but she made me work the clues and we found the boxes together. It was also great because there were not any other boxers on the trails so we were not spoiling any of the fun finds for the event attendees. I was really able to enjoy the beauty of the park, the creativity of the clues and props. I must confess that I did get a few of my trivia answers wrong (which would have sent me on a mini wild goose chase) but Roots and Shoots Redmond was kind enough to straighten me out before I flew off in the wrong direction. What are friends for!

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