Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ArtsMyths - An Amazing Store with Very Talented Artists

The gals at Flossy McGrew’s pointed us down the street to a wonderful shop called ArtsMyths at 1454 S. Broadway in Denver. As my sister was parking the car along the street in front of the shop she turned around and exclaimed “Oh, my gosh! There are real Steampunks walking down the street! Look! Look!” I turned around and she was right. A man and a woman in full Steampunk apparel walked right into ArtsMyths.

We were hot on their Steampunk heels and were almost completely distracted when we walked in the door of ArtsMyths. The shop is filled with unique handmade leather masks, headdresses, corsets, jewelry, shoes and so much more.

I lost all inhibition and went right up and asked the couple if I would take their picture. They were so gracious in allowing me to snap a couple of shots. In addition they shared with us their knowledge and enthusiasm of the Steampunk community (and pirate community) in Denver. Who knew that Steampunk was so vibrant and alive once you stepped over the boarders of Idaho into another state? I was so excited talking with them. I think I may have found my costuming heart dwelling with the Steampunk costumers.

Melanie and Simon shared that Denver not only has one Steampunk group but two. The Denver Victorian Steampunk Society and The Airship Ambassadors Both are very active Steampunk groups that host events, share resources and have an amazing time living vicariously through Victorian fantasy, flight and fun. They gave us ideas and shared their love for all things Steampunk.

After Melanie and Simon left for their high tea reservation (where else would Steampunks be headed for lunch) we were able to sink our teeth into the wonderful store that we had entered. ArtsMyths has an amazing little shop full of unique and beautiful items made by American Artisans. The staff was very helpful in assisting me with a hat and I also found a shirt at could be used for Steampunk, Pirating or even Medieval costuming. Both the hat and the shirt will be part of my Steampunk ensemble with a few personal modifications. Steampunk attire is really about creating your own unique style and flavor. Both items were extremely reasonably priced.

I will admit I am just in love with this little store. Their handmade masks are a true work of art, the artists were so kind and friendly and I love their clothing and accessories. I am sure that the next time I am in Denver I will be heading over to ArtsMyths to see what they have that is new and exciting. They even have Steampunk Leather masks. One of the items I really loved was the Steampunk shoes by Metropolis. Although the high heels are beautiful and are a true work of art there is no way I would ever walk in them (5 inches is a wee bit high for me). But they also offer boots and Oxfords that are on my wish list. Both I would not only enjoy while costuming but I could see wearing them to work. All and all I really received such a jolt of Steampunk joy while I was in Denver that I am sure I will not come down off the excitement for a long, long time. A big thank you to ArtsMyths and Melanie and Simon for making my afternoon so memorable.

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