Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Meet with W S M and C and AutumnsFolly

Blackvelvetrav & W S M and C

Blackvelvetrav & AutumnsFolly

W S M and C was so kind to put together a last minute mini meet for me in Longmont, Colorado on Monday. In fact we only had time to post the mini meet a couple of hours ahead of time. Although it was a work day AutumnsFolly was able to leave work and join us for coffee. We knew that the likelihood of anyone else being able to meet up with us was slim to none but it worked out perfectly to snap a couple of pictures, sip a little java, exchange stamps and for me to give them both some LTC’s as a little gift. I also plated a box just before meeting up with them so I was able to give verbal clues before I left. W S M and C was so awesome in keeping tabs of me while I was on the trail after our meet up. Boxing alone in an unfamiliar area (and no Pei’s with me) left me a little vulnerable if something had gone wrong. She was also amazing in checking to be sure I made it back to Idaho in one piece. Since Mr. Blackvelvetrav is working with the group in Longmont I am sure we will be back that direction sometime in the future. It’s great to have new friends in the area that I can contact the next time I am in town. Thanks bunchs to both W S M and C and AutumnsFolly for making my morning extra special!

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